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Khwaab Zindagi K is a dedicated charitable organization driven by a profound commitment to transforming lives. With a focus on empowering underserved communities, the organization strives to turn dreams into reality.

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Address: Crossing republik gh-07, Dundahera, Ghaziabad -201016

+91 95826 36233

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Your assistance is truly formidable and impactful.

The profound support you provide holds remarkable strength and leaves a lasting impression with its significant influence. Your guidance and aid carry substantial weight, making a meaningful difference in various aspects of life and endeavors. The aid you offer is genuinely formidable, carrying the potential to create a lasting impact that reverberates through various spheres. Your guidance and support hold substantial power, capable of effecting meaningful change and contributing to positive outcomes.



Food & Water

Our mission is centered around ensuring access to sustenance and clean water. We are dedicated to addressing the crucial needs of nourishment and hydration, aiming to make a profound and enduring difference in the lives of those we serve.

Education Help

Our mission revolves around education, aiming to empower individuals with knowledge and skills that have the power to transform lives. We are committed to providing equitable access to quality education that ignite curiosity and growth.

Medical Help

Our mission is deeply rooted in providing essential medical assistance to those in need. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that individuals have access to timely and effective medical care.

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Union Bank of India

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Khwaab zindagi ke

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Current Account

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Naraina vihar, New Delhi

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Enrich someone's life through the act of selfless giving from your own. By sharing your time, resources, and compassion, you have the remarkable ability to create a positive and meaningful impact on another person's journey. The simple act of extending a helping hand or offering a listening ear can uplift spirits, inspire hope, and forge connections that resonate deeply. Embrace the profound satisfaction of making a difference and transforming lives, as your generosity ripples out to touch hearts and shape a more compassionate world.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

The acronym "NGO" stands for "Non-Governmental Organization." NGOs are independent, non-profit organizations that operate without government control and often have a focus on addressing various social, environmental, humanitarian, or developmental issues.

NGOs often rely on individual donors who contribute small or large amounts of money to support their causes. These donations can be one-time or recurring, and NGOs often engage in direct mail, online campaigns, and fundraising events to reach potential donors.

Individuals who want to work or volunteer for NGOs can benefit from a diverse range of skills and qualities that contribute to their effectiveness and success in the nonprofit sector. A genuine passion for the NGO's mission and a strong commitment to making a positive impact are fundamental qualities for anyone involved in the nonprofit sector.

"Capacity building" in the context of NGOs refers to the process of enhancing an organization's abilities, resources, and skills to effectively achieve its mission, deliver programs, and create sustainable positive impact. It involves strengthening the internal structures, human resources, and operational capacities of NGOs to ensure they can better address the needs of the communities they serve. Capacity building is a strategic and ongoing effort aimed at improving an NGO's overall effectiveness, efficiency, and long-term viability.